Hallie Hawkins

Category: Financial & Legal Services

Why Credit Scores are important? Credit scores are increasingly being used for a variety of purposes.  Your credit score may be used to establish insurance rates or credit rates. It may be used as a means to figure out how responsible you are.  With your permission your credit report can be pulled by a potential employer, or by your current employer.  It is almost always used when applying for a personal loan, or a loan for a business in which you are a key person.  What can you do about your credit report? You can no longer just assume that if you pay your bills on time you will have a good credit score when you need to use it.  You must establish and manage your credit score to make sure it is working for you.  Some of the many ways you can manage your credit are: -        Establishing credit -        Maintaining an on time payment history -        Keeping credit lines open for a long period of time -       Regularly reviewing your credit information -        Managing how many credit inquiries are made on your account -        Understand how credit works

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