About us

Our Home Town Connections is a REFERRAL group created to promote business in and around the Fort Mill Community

Concept of OHC:

It is our concept to send business referrals to one another. This group does not meet to find business for a specific individual or business. We meet to get to know each and find referrals for one another.


A lead is is someone potentially interested in purchasing a product or service. This information is shared without both parties’ knowledge.

A referral is someone seeking a particular need, in which the member of OHC knows someone from the group and gives him/her the information and ALSO asks the other if it is okay to have an OHC member call. This information is shared with both parties’ knowledge.


We allow ONE member for each business category.

What to talk about:

-        Sell me on who you are.

-        What does the general public not know about you or your business?

-        What is a good referral?

What we encourage:

Pick someone you do not know and meet with him/her for coffee or lunch this week. We encourage members get to know one another so they do feel comfortable giving referrals.